Sunday, February 12, 2006

It Bodes Oh-So Well

The 2006 Winter Olympics are only some 48 hours old, but there's already something to obsess over, and it ain't the fate of Michelle Kwan's Vera Wang-designed skating costumes that now won't absorb even the tiniest rinkside fleck of ice.

U. S. alpine skier Bode Miller is hot.

In a grew-up-on-a-hippie-farm-in-New-Hampshire, a tad bit dirty, roguish all-night drinking, renegade on the slopes kind of way. And note I am not participating in the "bodacious" punning that's been causing groans every time a sports page has been clicked or rustled open the past few weeks. And don't hate his hair, he works in a helmet.

Not convinced? He looks even better in the ski togs.

What, do you expect me to get this excited about the U.S. Skeleton team?

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