Thursday, March 30, 2006

How About a Lovely Cerise?

Oh, Sun-Times, how I love thee! While the Tribune, quite possibly feverish with today's appearance of spring, festooned its homepage with a--yep--pink headline declaring the important pigmentary news, the S-T, ever-leery of things posh, pretentious and North-Side, posted a decidedly curt communique. The last line is priceless.

CTA thinks pink for new train line

March 30, 2006
BY MONIFA THOMAS Transportation Reporter

The CTA today chose pink as the color of its new elevated route, a rerouted
line that will run from the 54th-Cermak branch of the Blue Line to the
The winning color was chosen based on more than 500 essays submitted by
Chicago area students.

The line was approved for a 180 day trial, scheduled to start June 25th.

The line uses the old Paulina connector to run trains between Blue Line and
Green Line tracks.

The CTA has not decided exactly what shade of pink the line will be.

I wonder if the new line’s moniker will maybe appease all those disgruntled Brokeback Mountain supporters?

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