Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Let He Who's Never Broken Cast the First Plastic Tomato

When a plastic tomato went astray during her Broadway debut, the
Oscar-winning movie actress broke character and laughed. It wasn't an issue to
the fans who waited outside for autographs after seeing her Tuesday in "Three
Days of Rain.""

I thought it was fabulous, Julia Roberts incredible ... Oh my God, she was
incredible," gushed David Gordon from Orange County, California. "So, yeah, it
was good, overall. The writing was awesome, everything was great, it was just a
well put together production."

The New York Daily News reported that her opening lines on Tuesday were drowned out by enthusiastic applause from the preview audience. But the real test of her nerve came in the middle of Act 2 when the prop tomato got out of hand.

"The plastic veggie landed on the floor, bounced and echoed like a table tennis ball -- a blooper that left Roberts briefly in stitches," the paper said. "She briefly broke character and couldn't help flashing her trademark toothy grin."

I'm not posting this to bitch about Julia Roberts' taking a role (and sizeable--and well-publicized, I'm sure--pay cut) in a Broadway production of what I would submit is Richard Greenberg's best play (Violet Hour...meh). Good for her. Let her trod the boards, experience first-night flop sweat, the tedious mid-run trough, the thousand natural shocks of two-hours' traffic on stage.
I just think it's funny that she had a moment where she clearly forgot she was on a theatrical stage, not a cinematic set and, conveniently enough for the first week of previews, echoed that iconic whoop she lets rip during what is certainly the number-one slumber party and girls-night movie of 1990-95, Pretty Woman.

Loud enough for it to reverberate on the Reuters wire within eighteen hours.

And muffle all that "awesome writing."

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