Thursday, June 15, 2006

Take That Chewing Gum Out of Your Ears

What is up with her and the gum? She was chawing away during her recent (and pregnancy-confirming) appearance on Letterman, too.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Britney Spears, whose marriage and parenting skills are under a media microscope, tearfully admitted being "an emotional wreck" in excerpts of an interview aired on Thursday.

Intermittently weeping and chewing gum throughout, Spears denied
she is estranged from her husband, Kevin Federline, saying on NBC's "Today" show that Federline is helping her weather the hormonal ups and downs of her second pregnancy.

This reminds that one of my favorite Elvis Costello songs is "Chewing Gum" from Spike, which is known for the hit "Veronica" that Elvis co-wrote with the Magga himself, Paul McCartney. I favor "Chewing Gum" because how many pop or rock songs do you hear that prominently feature a tuba? It's a jittery little song that strains and grunts toward funk--then that tuba awkwardly burps away any hope of booty-shakin' groove. Still, I love it.

What's funny is that the song's chorus might even mirror the insurgency that is rumbling inside the empty, prettily wallpapered-with-fairies-expelling-shiny-bubbles-from-their-wands room that is Britney's mind.

There must be something that is better than this
It starts with a slap and ends up with a kiss
Begins with you bawling and it ends up in tears
Oh my little one, take that chewing gum out of your ears

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