Wednesday, July 19, 2006

If You Are Confused, Check With the Sun

I went for a run this sunny afternoon along the lakefront. It's typically a panoply of tourists, beach bums, bartenders who don't have to punch in til 6, but this week was especially bustling. There was some kind of special event going on today, with one of those wedding-reception tents with the clear "windows" thrown up at the crescent of Lake Shore Drive. I suspect the occupants, who were sipping drinks and being exhorted to "join a volleyball game!" by some tool on a microphone in the dark recesses of the tent are fans and participants of the 2006 Gay Games.

As such, I do think I will be appearing in some Swiss gayletes' pan shot of the Lakefront, cause he didn't dip that teensy 600-dollar camera down when I ran by.

Later I encountered six Mormon proselytizers on glistening on bicycles, round about where the homeless and homeless-looking gather to play chess on those permanent boards (I wonder if one could spread some checkers out on one of those boards and not get a can of Fanta thrown at one's head?).

Amd, yes, they wear those crisp white shirtsleeves and skinny black ties, even on bikes. They sort of looked like a nerd/ska band on the way to play a gig at the Gay Games Volleyball Action Tent.

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