Monday, October 16, 2006

All The Little Ants Are Marching

If Dave Matthews and John Mayer had a musical child and James Blunt was its godfather, I think you'd get this band, Brothermandude.

I heard them on Radio Paradise today--my new favorite internet radio station--"eclectic," but not in that repetitive, Melissa Etheridge- and Bruce Cockburn-loving AAA format pioneered by WXRT in Chicago. They bring the Pixies and love to light up and spin some Pink Floyd, and (right now even!) Zeppelin. Like, if XRT and The Drive had a child and then vaccinated it against Norah Jones and Phish, you'd get Radio Paradise.

However, with a name like "Brothermandude," I can't help but picture lots of brown suede fringe and marimbas on stage and "Fighting Cocks" baseball caps in the crowd. Like if Lenny Kravitz and Dane Cook had a child and it was raised by Ani DiFranco and babysat by the Indigo Girls--that would be a Brothermandude concert.

And their name would be uttered numberless times, as in, "Brothermandude, get my cheeb out of the toe of my Timberlands while my girlfriend who's taking a semester off from Duke picks out my white dreads while we sit on a Mexican blanket in the lush hills outside of Charlottesville. And pass me another can of the Beast."

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