Thursday, February 08, 2007

I Can See All Obstacles In My Way

Born in our own backyard, I give you Arnieta, a reticulated baby giraffe, who came into this world this week at the Brookfield Zoo (which is somewhere in a suburb not accessible to this urbanite).

Reticulated? Fancy way of saying this calf is of Somali origin, marked by liver-colored, polygonal spots, outlines by bright lines (also fun to say).

She's already as tall as I am, and her neck will eventually be about eight feet long--long enough to reach trees from which she'll eat about 75 lbs per day of vegetation.

And here I was questioning myself for choosing the giant Jimmy John's club sub--at least it's not more than half my weight in vegetation. Then again, I don't have a four-chambered stomach.

But isn't she cute?

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