Friday, July 13, 2007

Ain't Nobody Dope As Me I'm Just So Fresh And So Clean (Clean)

I noticed a banner ad on the Reader website yesterday (and, man, they must be hurtin' for advertisers. But anway).

How could I not? It was a bare ass with a smiley face drawn on it with Microsoft Paintshop.

I suspect this* is a necessity that resides within that stratosphere of financial largess that those of us who filed 1040EZs for most of our twenties and still examine furniture abandoned in the alley in case it's in good enough shape to slide in the living room will never touch. A star in the firmament of The Good Life, in which people rise from Swedish beds to stretch in an in-home Pilates machine in their $1.1 million townhome on Wabansia and Winchester, own three cars over $40k each...and have to have their toilet wash, dry, and warm their asses for them.

Thankfully, there is phone tech support for the Washlet. Because if the Front/Rear Cleanse mode on your S400 goes on the blink, someone in Bangalore will be happy to talk you through the issue.

*do be sure to click on Product Info

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