Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Lord Knows I Can't Change

Did you know that Republican presidential candidate--likely the most Bible-lovin' of the bunch; he's a Baptist minister--Mike Huckabee is in a band? The former Arkansas governor (who, strangely, also hails from Bill Clinton's hometown of Hope, AR) plays bass in a classic-rock band called Capitol Offense. Oh, hell yeah.

Clinton and his smooth 90s sax can step aside because this is no cutesy campaign trick: Huckabee received his first guitar after the Beatles broke, and--shades of Bryan Adams--played it til his fingers bled (though it was the Christmas of ''66).

The Huck (surely someone has bestowed this diminutive on him by now) and his pals from his Little Rock administration rock the free world, drifting from hard rock to blues-pop to soul with covers of "Born to Be Wild," "Fortunate Son," "I Want to Hold Your Hand," "Dock of the Bay," "Brown Eyed Girl," "Taking Care of Business," "Honky Tonk Woman," and, the track that spawned a million lighters held aloft (and rocked the house in Iowa), "Free Bird."


Vince said...

What really sticks out to me is that you've got the "likely most Bible-lovin' of the bunch" singing Fortunate Son which just doesn't jive with the good ol' conservative credentials. I don't think so anyway. Of course I wouldn't be the first to think that the process has completely devolved from discourse to pure entertainment. Seriously, what's he thinking when those lyrics are rolling off the tongue?

Mego said...

I was thinking exactly the same thing, but I hit "publish" and ran away from the desk before I could make that point (and look up the lyrics).

A very pure irony, that is. Especially when Huckabee's platform states that

"Iraq is a battle in our generational, ideological war on terror."

Substitute "war against Communism: for "war on terror" and you know.