Tuesday, November 13, 2007

That Ain't Workin', That's The Way You Do It

Okay. I've had it. This is the final straw.
When are we going to come up with an utterly frivolous, deliberately overpriced, indulgent-of-selfish-and-spendy-people service to offer to the status-greedy, Cosmo-sucking, investment banker-dating set who live east of Ashland and south of Irving Park (but north of Grand and west of Halsted--though east of Halsted is okay even though there's too many gay guys and old people, I mean they all smell and you don't see anyone cute when you're running at dusk in your newest fleece from Active Endeavors)?

I mean, Stacy doesn't even have to be there to train her own Puggle.

I want somma dat cash.

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