Thursday, September 29, 2005

"I'm Bare-Boned and Crazy... For You"

Dave Matthews' "Crash."

Unfathomably, gently gorgeous song.


...whispered latticework promises from someone who hopefully won't be so peculiarly new for long...

...being 27 and open to love's possibility, to chance, tipsy kisses, cold gusts up skirts, snowflakes on cheeks, being pushed on a long, link-chain, rubber seat swing next to Belmont Harbor...

My first months here, I tramped around a city that had a golden belt of possibility cinching it, listening to this song.

I do, I realize that at the same time, this lovesick anthem has whirred and clicked in the cd changer of every Kate Spade-ed female Loop-bound Account Manager who ever lived on Broadway and Surf and got groped in Tai's Til Four and thought it might be love.

But, yeah, it might have been for me too.

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K San said...

Beautifully said. Geez, I have chills

My first Spring in Chicago found me on this strange futon listening to Matthew Sweet "Girlfriend' and anything off the "Good Will Hunting" soundtrack by Elliot Smith. I couldn't ever really breathe.

Cut to three years later: The "Magnolia" soundtrack. This time I was on a strange couch with a drooly cat. I couldn't really breathe, but I couldn't stop smiling.