Monday, June 26, 2006

In Lieu of a "Flux-Capacitor"

Playing a silly (and progressively sillier, as the evening drew on and more Champagne of Beer bottles littered the room) board game with friends some months ago got me thinking about time travel. No, not plopping oneself down in the middle of a clutch of Triceratops or some Braveheart-style gettin' medieval on someone's ass, or, lord, back to Woodstock or something predictably Gen X (okay, my pick would be Rolling Stones' 1972 tour, either Chicago show --with Stevie Wonder opening?!? Need I say more?).

I mean planting one's feet in real life, in someone's life.

The pleasure of snorting and laughing at my friends' responses to questions like, If you could go back in time, what is the one thing you would change about your high school career" has seduced me. Granted, this game-playing Friday night was in, what, February? (Oh, God, no; it was November. Now that is procrastinating). But my desire to know more about who my friends were before I knew who they are hasn't waned. I'll add to this myself, in the comments.


I'll just throw a random year out, with today's date.

So, where were you, June 26, 1986?

And, so as to not appear too nostalgic and I-love-the-80s, a random year: June 26, 1994.

Approximations, guesses, fabrications, exagerrations and fantasies welcome.


K San said...

Not going to see Pink Floyd in Vancouver. Had to sell the tix to my brother’s friends so I could save my $$ and brain cells for the Dead in Portland the following week. I’m all for nitrous and acid, but it was hard on the pocket book (or specifically, my Chenga which was the first of many hemp wallets in the line.)

I absofreakin’ guarantee that I was up at 6:00am with a hangover and a chunk of hair missing from the back of my head where I had to perform a double dreadlocktomy. Then it was to the Hundai where we loaded up the car full of hemp product and table covers and drove to set up our wares at Seattle’s Fremont Street Market. I also know that I was a cranky ass bitch until I got a little Northwest Breakfast in me. I was probably wearing sage green hemp shorts, Tevas, a white v-neck, my royal blue REI fleece and some Fimo bead/cord hippie necklace and about 8 rings. We probably sold about $75 worth of stuff and took alternating trips to the porta-potties. I can also guarantee that at the time, I was really wishing that I wasn’t living the hemp peddling life exclusively but didn’t know how to voice my dissatisfaction. Oh, to be 20.

Vegas said...

Hrmmm late June 1994? Where was I?
I believe I was being a horrible, horrible friend by ditching Rana's graduation ceremony by jaunting off to Greece with my Dad. Sooooo on or about June 26th I was probably stumbling around Athens sweating and fearing the close proximity to traffic.
Also, just for a little national perspective I remember watching OJ flee the po-po in the white Bronco while in Greece and having one of my dad's cousins explain to me what was going on because try translating THAT scenario into Greek.

Marg said...

Lessee - in 1986 I would have been enjoying one of the last summers I had absolutely nothing to do. Bumming around my parents house, reading every book in the bookcase, watching Monkees reruns, and getting as tan as I possibly could (hilarious considering my current militant stand on sunscreen).
In 1994 I had just gotten a job at Marquette Memorial Library, was living on Prospect and Irving and hitting the Landmark every Tuesday night, and I think this was about the time I got my nose pierced. You may remember - you were there! ;)