Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Maybe Tomorrow, Maybe Someday

Know how you hear about something once--and then you're always hearing about it?

This show The Flight of the Conchords was recommended to me only last Friday. Since then? No less than ten recommendations, articles, reviews, raves, insights, gossip, banter, quotes.

From what I can tell from this latest Universe-is-speaking-to-you instance, the comedy is committed and subtle. And about struggling musicians. Who are Kiwis (from New Zealand).

And hell, throw in cheesy Seventies technology and props (soft-focus lens and giant white cigarette microphones), and I'm ever-lovingly yours.

I can't break down and get cable. I just...can't.

Please iTunes. Show me some love. Show me some Bret and Jemaine.

1 comment:

Tornado said...

You MUST MUST see the episode where David Bowie comes to Bret in his dreams and tells him how to be "special". It's, well, special.