Monday, May 10, 2010

Toys, Toys, Toys In The Attic

Today in 1970s Advertisements:

I totally had that See 'N Say. And maybe the baby doll stroller.

Now is when I should probably say a little something about birthdays, right, it being a month out from my own day that is my day.

A guaranteed happy birthday used to mean getting exactly what you asked for -- the See 'N Say, the baby doll stroller and the new baby doll. And maybe there were a few surprises (the shopping cart, too!?) thrown in.

A guaranteed happy birthday now? Hmmm. It means waking up feeling alright. Soft sunshine. Smiles from people you care about, and giving them back. Looking at the shimmering rush-hour traffic snaking up and down the city, but feeling languid inside, knowing you belong where you are, or that you are getting (inching, speeding, coasting, whatever) to where you belong.

Getting exactly what you asked for.

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