Thursday, June 17, 2010

Paranoia, The Destroyer

I am despairing because I think the Internet is making me unable to write anything substantial any more.

In fact, I am fighting the urge to just turn this musing into a 30-word status update on ****ing Facebook.

I read, read, read all day long. Til the cows are snoozing in the barn while the horse is out of it. I read everything everyone else is out there writing. I feed, feed, feed my brain, on this one kind of grass -- but nothing seems to come out the other end. At least not as systematically and effortlessly stuff comes out of horses and cows.

Can't I

think, express, argue, amend, ameliorate, postulate, theorize, translate, propose, propel, excoriate, deny, flatter, exhort, proselytize, prophesize, pontificate, elaborate, discuss, dismiss, disseminate, delineate, respond, reiterate, retort, gab, communicate, create

in more than 30 words anymore?

Instead, today I read perpetuate the one, endless surf, reading this, a story very much about little preparation and much distraction ahead of time and a lot of blame and dissection of the matter afterward.

It worries me.

And so, I continue to prepare, prepare, prepare to... ?

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