Wednesday, February 08, 2012

A slip of the tongue is gonna keep me civilian

I’m not a very Sad Gal Music person; I'm rather an Eviscerate-them-with-my-wit-and-words-with-a-good beat Music Gal. To wit: 

It's no Blood and Chocolate, and the album's title belies these tracks, but there are some pointed gems on Get Happy!! There are also moments of bliss and wonder.

Legend has it that the record's R&B and soul undergirding sprang from remorse over racist epithets flung by EC during a bar conversation-turned-brawl at a Columbus, Ohio Holiday Inn in 1979 (oh, to be a fly upon the metallic wallpapered wall!). He denies that the record was such an obvious act of contrition. Wouldn't such a long album would emerge more organically, with much of the material retooled from slicker incarnations into gut-thumping soul workouts.

Whatever it was that prompted Costello's brain purge into a bass-y, twenty-track groove-de-force, the album's a reliable uplift.

Truth in advertising. And look at these hits!!

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