Wednesday, March 28, 2012

We don't have the time for psychological romance

Oh man, this is so that time. SO that time. Huge, boxy snare drums and clavichordy keys. But that bass is the anchor for your booty and the reminder that, before their mid-80s peak, Cameo was a funkstravaganza in the mold of Parliament-Funkadelic and most definitely the Ohio Players.

I'm mostly tickled by Cameo because it reminds me of my friends' wedding reception, which was one of those that featured separate entrances into the Italian restaurant banquet hall (yes, this was Milwaukee, how did you guess) by the male and female halves of the wedding party. The guys trotted in to "Word Up." It was 1995, so in our ironic distance from high school and all things not involving two shitheads on guitars in flannel, we were all OH NO YOU DIDN'T. Except no one said OH NO YOU DIDN'T in '95, I think.

We said, OW. WORD UP.

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