Saturday, August 11, 2012

When I shake my pants you know I'm dressed to kill

I bring this to you as a tribute to drummers who sing* and possibly, subliminally because I've been watching men in spandex unitards on television for the last two weeks, and definitely because I heard it on Joe Soto's "Back in the Day" show on V103 in the car tonight.

Also, you might recognize the opening measures of this song.

One more thing: what is the silver vase thing dude in purple unitard on the right is playing?

Oh, and I swear they're singing "and we'll sexalate til the time is right, not "sex away," as all six lyrics sites I have consulted put forth.

*ahem, Levon should be number one.

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Morgan Martin said...

It's called a Qweeka and it makes a variety of squeaky, animal-like sounds. You can hear it predominantly in the beginning of the song trading fills with the zappy-sounding keyboard.