Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Let me hear the magic in my heart.

This one's for the jukebox, because since I saw Neil and Crazy Horse last week I've been reminded time and again that love is it.

This one's for you, so you can feel what it was like last Thursday in that temple built for and by money. It was recorded only a couple of months ago.

Love almost broke it down. But Neil and CH, they did break it down, huddled as if against a windstorm beneath the towering Fender stacks they resurrected from the Rust Never Sleeps tour, miniature but ferocious. I was wholly stunned by the their tightness, by the raw, dream-of-the-90s wall of guitars, by the intensity of Neil, whose face often looked as if it should be hovering over a post hole digger instead of a Gibson Les Paul.

When he sings "give me strength and set me free," it's more like


I thank the universe that Neil Young walks and completely fucking rocks out on this earth.

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