Friday, November 30, 2012

Today's Shuffle: Everything is so provocative

My iPod showed me love today. The poor thing, after subjecting it to a steady diet of XTC, Radiohead, and running music, I decided to throw caution and morning-commute thought engineering through careful soundtracking out the window and throw it on shuffle.

Hoo boy, that little silver Classic guy rewarded me! So much so, I'm starting a new feature whereby I do the same--play the iPod on shuffle during my morning commute--and record the tracks here (with an audio/video call-out, as per usual).

This is also in hopeful anticipation of actually purchasing, downloading, and loading this prescient 'pod with tracks instead of relying on free Spotify like a harried, all-day desk jockey driven to tears by Powerpoint slides (and unknown "consultants" who do not understand nor ever consider grouping their charts and graphics for easier manipulation and, yes, I pretty much want to off myself for even typing that sentence, let alone experiencing it).

I ought to share what I got, the good, the bad, and the tracks I downloaded for comedy shows (That's why I have "The Electric Slide," really!!).

Today, iPod knew it was FRIDAY:

The Breeders, I Just Wanna Get Along (Last Splash)
The Crusaders featuring Randy Crawford, Street Life (Street Life)
The Jam, Move on Up (Extras: A Collection of Rarities)
Chicane Saltwater - The Remix (Behind the Sun)
Andre 3000, She Lives in My Lap (The Love Below)
Jill Scott, Show Me (Who Is Jill Scott?)
Willie Nelson, Me and Paul (One Hell of a Ride)
The Brand New Heavies, Put the Funk Back in It (The Brand New Heavies)
Steely Dan, The Fez (The Royal Scam)
Beck, Peaches and Cream (Midnite Vultures)
Elvis Costello, Big Boys (Armed Forces)

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