Thursday, January 10, 2013

Heard In The Car: It's magic.

If you have to be driving around in the spitty rain at night (even when it oughta be snow), then this should be what you hear amid the radio commercials (allllllll the radio commercials) after you've  pushed, held, and then jabbed the AUX button on the radio console so that you might (unsuccessfully) listen to your 'pod instead of radio commercials.

I gave up--just in time to be given a four-minute, slightly electric, delectable plea built on gauzy, over-the-shoulder looks and fun-in-Fair-Isle-sweaters. I didn't realize how much I had loved this song until recently, since, you know, ABBA is the great unsung, underrated everything. Who writes pop songs like this now?

...My brain is too fried from driving in the rain to think of anybody.

But, as long as we're together...

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