Thursday, June 13, 2013

Looking good's a state of mind

This is a perennial favorite, and one that I hadn't thought of for some time until today, the roots of which spread deeply and unexpectedly.

See, a Swedish singer-songwriter-rapper turned Londoner (with a visual cameo in a Big Audio Dynamite video) scores a worldwide hit, gets robbed (literally) of a Grammy, records, performs and collaborates around the globe, and lands in indie-darling heaven (hell), file under Reinvention (but not).

I just think this is a great song. I scored a used copy of the CD and hung onto it for quite some time but eventually ditched it in some move or other. Nonetheless, I'm going to check out the recent outing, The Cherry Thing, toute suite.

And the performance in the clip is rad if only because she's strutting and fronting seven months pregnant on TOTP.

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