Monday, November 25, 2013

Random Play: I've been doing some whining, now I'm doing some finding

Oh, what a delicate little gemstone the radio gave me today. Fluffy flakes fell outside my window, and these big, fluffy strings trilled and swooped. It's a composition by Denny Laine, formerly of The Moody Blues and futurely of Wings (with Paul McCartney), sung by Colin Blunstone, who also made "She's Not There" smooth as buttah for The Zombies. And Colin was clearly the teen lust receptacle for The Zombies, as this appearance on Hullabaloo shows.

I mean, I was shredding my voice and my wallet over some British boys with dramatic cheekbones and kissable lips (albeit covered in gloss) only two decades later.

Colin's still had a bit of the palpitation-causing intensity when he went solo in '72. At least I think so, today, in this tight room under a gray sky, hearing this precisely-cut voice.

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