Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Random Play: There's only one way to get things done

I was surprised to find out this track was by BTO. I mean, they're what rawk music hissing out of a sticky-floored back room jukebox by the pool table sounds like. Ragtime piano trills and high-hat staccatos. Workin', then drinkin'. I hear "Takin' Care of Business" and immediately picture myself in the back of Flounder's on Clybourn and Diversey (which has closed, goddoggit!), playing pool and drinking Miller Lite after work from our desk jobs and the two friends who were scamming people as "personal trainers" at the Bally's that was kitty-corner from it.

This doesn't sound like that night.

Moreover, what Randy is saying struck a nerve. It's the old your-oxygen-mask-first principle. Get yourself feeling right, and everything else falls in line.

Related: I love these cryptic, terse reviews of BTO's albums by Robert Christgau.

Look at this yourself with your big brown eyes:

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