Thursday, June 04, 2015

Today's Shuffle: Show me what I love, and who I'm supposed to be

It ain't no "Bastards of Young"* -- Johnny takes a lot of words and a lot less poetry to say the same thing ("Just look at all the washed out Hippie dreams")-- but Summer-of-1995 nostalgia reached up and tugged on the edge of my skirt when I heard this on the iPod this morning.

I had no idea how much things would change after that summer. Not a clue.

Anyway, watching this got me today. I'm sure if I saw it then I was all, oh, nice, look how we've been  c o m m o d i f i e d   for the Goo's  m a j o r   l a b e l  release, those are models, blah blah blah, but now I just simply miss the freedom to stand in front of humans grinding on electronic musical equipment and shake one's long, long hair.

And to wear any kind of shoes I wanted to.

*I swear to God, I did not know until this minute that there was a(n official) video made for this song. God. God.

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