Thursday, July 30, 2015

On Repeat: kissed the girls and made them high

You can have your "Rosanna" and "Africa," I want pudding pie.(I'll take any pie, thank you, right now)

Fine. Alright. I like Toto. I like Toto. I like Toto, which emerged in 1978 when, as a current reviewer points out, "their sheer competence was an affront." Sure, they're smooth, almost a little too smooth. But Steely Dan was smooth and Steely Dan was competent times hundreds, but Steely Dan were assholes who documented what went on in the limo after the party that was the 70s.

So you got Steely Dan without the cynicism and angularity (angular banjos?). You got echoes (fore-echoes) of Tears For Fears big, bright sound coupled with a soulful female voice. You got groove. Hells bells, within the same year as this single came out, a cover recorded by Charme, an R&B group that I can't find a single particle of wiki on, and sung by Luther "Panties-Off" Vandross (as in, "Luther on, panties off.").

You don't get more groove than that -- unless you also write a hit pop/disco/R&B track that scored high in a year that also gave us "I Will Survive," "Le Freak" and "Hot Stuff" (and, okay, "YMCA").

See? You never know what you'll find inside of a pie.

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