Wednesday, October 28, 2015

All I want is to have my peace of mind

How does Boston, of all people, know how to say what I feel? (And, as always, my Internet radio guru Zenith knows what I need to close my eyes and slip away.)

Last night the great phone chat I had with my gurl and former-but-really-still creative collaborator KVA laid out exactly what whats-his-name is saying.

I should show more respect and name the guy. How he made this song, his music, is what I am jamming on.

Tom Scholz was an engineer at Polaroid during the day and music-tech whiz and one-man band by night, who had fallen in love with rock music while at MIT. He whittled away at creating his own sound down in the basement, and was pretty much in it for the process. "I actually expected total failure."

Not what happened

Run your own race, and let the results be the results.

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