Thursday, December 03, 2015

This strange illusion takes over me

Oh, how often this Manhattan Transfer record spun on the turntable and pulsed out of those mod cone/barrel speakers in the living room! I loved it, of course, because I was a child. But even then I could tell that this track was something more sophisticated than a novelty disco platter. The spoken parts and piercing space-sounds are cheesy, sure, but, man! when that chorus kicks in and you hear the harmonies? Come on. It feels/sounds like what a city skyline looks like. At least it did to me.

And does now--or maybe that's because I'm looking out of a window at a skyline right now. Post-twilight, but under the city's amber sky.

No, this ain't no "Disco Duck."

By the way, I am some five hours into Quest's "Mai Love" playlist and it's still going strong.

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