Monday, April 25, 2016

Love will conquer if you just believe

Haven't been able to do this yet. First was shock, then the wild dancing, then put in about 15 out of the 26 hours of listening to the catalogue via (kind of) Alphabet Street, then more dancing, then foiled attempts at a jukebox wake during sportzpucker playoff season.

This all sounds more flippant than I intend it to. It's hard to process. Nothing lasts, not even him. But he and I remain, every time he turns me on.

It feels insurmountable, this knowing that from here on it's going  letting go, always letting go of things, places and people. The first, easy. The second, can't control. The last, something to cross, again and again.

But it's only mountains...

[9] pRiNcE - "Mountains" by mke-coleman

[two videos, because they are all flooding back, with our tears and many memories]

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