Friday, January 13, 2012

Must Play Loud: The Way We Stand

Every bit of this is awesome, from the Electric Company logo-ripoff held too long in the frame (step away from the line you're doing in the booth, producer) to the accelerated live performance of this usually laconic track, to the furry animal tails and legs (LEGS) hanging off of one Brother Johnson's leather nudie suit. And Lightnin' Licks (yep, that's Brother George's name) is getting those buzzsaw grooves out of Gibson Les Paul, my favorite. It's just so pretty. And it would look good on me.

The other brother's name? Louis--or Thunder Thumbs.

And don't tell me the mid-70s weren't flush; Burt Sugarman clearly had enough money to emblazon the name of the groups that performed on his show in a garish, prodigious neon sign, no matter if the groove was really, really white, or super-white, or ironically white. To wit:




Well, that last one's neon sign seems a little cheaper, chiseled out of a big LED screen...but still.

It's Friday, at last.

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