Monday, January 16, 2012

That's All That Matters

It took me basically a year after Gerry was raised, sadly, into everyone's consciousness, to take a closer listen. Purportedly a victim of alcoholism (he died of liver disease), Gerry made delicate, graceful pop that seems to layer a sheen of hopefulness over despair. That's palpably clear with this track from his blockbuster, "Baker Street"-spawning City to City, an album which, according to a contemporary article, was born of long London-to-home in Scotland commutes and a transition from a certain destination -- success for his once-successful, now not, band -- to who-knows-what.

It's exquisite, even despite the braying commercial included by his corporate overlords (this was the best alternative to homemade videos of dissolving photos of sunsets and country lanes, trust me).

Actually, until just now I didn't realize until today he was in Steelers Wheel. At least Tarantino will keep that part of Rafferty's legacy alive, albeit gruesomely, forever.

(You're welcome for The Simpsons in deutsch. That's just how this round of copyright evasion played out, I guess.)

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