Sunday, December 16, 2012

Today's Shuffle: No one cares for you smidge

I do what I do now because I saw the first (possibly the third) Broadway tour of the musical Annie in Cincinnati in 1978. I had never been to the theatre before. I was lucky to see something wonderful, and not just something wonderful, something that every little girl around my age wanted to see, and to be in.

I memorized--and performed, in the living room (because that's where the stereo was and this was Mom and Dad's, not my, record) to an audience of couch pillows and plants--the entire show. Mostly the parts with Miss Hannigan.

By gum, I'll play her someday, and get those orphans to make the floor shine like THE TOP OF THE CHRYSLER BUILDING.

The Replacements, Can't Hardly Wait Pleased to Meet Me
Wilco, Reservations YHF Demos
Joan Osborne, Right Hand Man Relish*
Diana Ross, Upside Down  Diana
Everything But The Girl, Walking Wounded Walking Wounded
The Velvet Underground, Sunday Morning The Velvet Underground
Paul McCartney, Jet Band on the Run
PJ Harvey, Yuri-G Rid of Me
Sloan, HFXNSHC Never Hear the End of It
Dave Brubeck Quartet, Strange Meadow Lark Time Out
Finn Brothers, Part of Me, Part of You Everyone Is Here
Daft Punk, One More Time Discovery
Carl Hanaghan, Summertime (Richard Earnsha Mix) Hed Kandi: Beach House
Annie, It's the Hard-Knock Life Original Broadway Soundtrack

This was a great to/from bus ride playlist. I'm especially touched that my favorite Brubeck track shuffled up, just as we crossed the Chicago River with the skyline a panorama behind us.

*edited to add: I forgot to embed a link to some in-depth thoughts on this track. Yep, it most definitely does deserve a post of its own.

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