Monday, December 17, 2012

Today's Shuffle: Once a lifetime, twice a day

I'm determined to take measures to make Shuffle shuffle. But I'm also not going to complain about two tracks from The Big Express.

Whether out of ambition or narcissism or inability to focus on one thing, today I'm embedding a thought about each track.

Neko Case, The Pharoahs Middle Cyclone
That voice.

XTC, This World Over The Big Express
"Can you tell us about that far off, and mystical land?"

Crowded House, Anyone Can Tell Afterglow
I love this album of CH rarities. I loaned the CD to someone at work ca. 2002 and never got it back.

Beck, Dark Star The Information
California: in two weeks I will be in you.

Nick Lowe, Cruel to Be Kind Labour of Lust
Three years ago during the month of December, I listened to this song almost every day.

Michael Jackson, It's The Falling In Love Off the Wall
I adore OTW, but, despite its too-baroque, on-the-R.-Kelly-tip production, I prefer this MJ ballad over all others.

Sweetback, Jesus Girl Stage 2
I had to look up this delivery from my sister.. I didn't realize I was listening to Sade's backing band.

XTC, Wake Up The Big Express
I think I need it.

Steely Dan, Chain Lightning Katy Lied
Don McLean, Rush and 38. Special also have tracks with this title. It's also a bunch of other things.

Captain Sensible, Wot Modern 80s Volume 3
Ever been awakened before you've slept off your hangover with a pint of lager next to the bed?

Liz Phair, Flower Exile in Guyville
Those indie guys Back In The Day must have really, really been assholes.

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