Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Random Play: Someone's just outside, knocking at my door

This is what I like to call men's Seventies v-neck shirt music. To wit.

Jazz guitarist, uncredited sitter-in with Pink Floyd and purveyor of the Synthaxe, Lee Ritenour seems to be seems to be fairly reviled in most music quarters. Guessing from the sounds I'm sampling, this "true fusionist" probably laid the a lot of the sonic foundation for early Smooth Jazz radio.

I remember this track from the time it charted--probably from MTV, which apparently played this video on Day One. That's right, this guy was on MTV.

I dig this track because it sounds like taking a boat to Sausalito while drinking white wine in the late Seventies; or, rather, it sounds like Toto.

Also, his other album titles--Lee Ritenour's Gentle Thoughts and Captain Fingers, made me giggle.

Lee Ritenour - Is It You by PeteRock

Got no mass appeal.