Friday, February 14, 2014

We'll fight it out to see it through

I could eat this song--every delicious piano chord and that weird synth bridge, too, and then chew it all in time with those congas.

I used to go to Stephanie's off-campus apartment specifically to listen to this song on her copy of this record, on her turntable. Why I didn't just borrow it is beyond me. Finding and re-loving a song is so easy now, we take it for granted. Then, we had to sledge our way through snow on a February night to someone else's residence to hear what we wanted to hear, and hope that they had a working turntable-to-tape set-up and might offer to dub the record, that is, if they had any blank TDKs laying around. A song had to be worth all of that.

Now it can play after taking twenty seconds to locate it in a vast, faceless digital universe, and can play while while the first star of the night when it's still light outside is visible, so faint that your effort involves distinguishing star from sky. But it's there, and worth that less strenuous trek.