Tuesday, October 03, 2017

I guess I'll know when I get there

I've sort of kept this one to myself during all these years (semi-years, okay) of this thing here, and that's on purpose. It's a talisman, and I know I've said there are others, and there are, but this is a real one.

It's not to play on a computer, in close quarters.

I waited until I was outside and could see the sky to hear this yesterday. It was the first thing I heard today, on the radio in the kitchen, tuned to music in the morning because there's not really another way to start out these days.

It doesn't have a lot of words, but every word matters. And the space between the words, I have to believe, is deliberate.
Well I started out [   ] down a dirty road
Started out [   ] all alone
And here I am again, trying to summon emotion to grasp the un-graspable, when someone leaves when it's just utterly not the time (in fact, here this is just a week ago), and trying to fill the space with...something.

Maybe the space has to just be    space.