Thursday, December 19, 2019

Don't get carried away

Well, I haven't seen this video in a minute. Now that I'm three times as old as the first times I saw it (!), I can see that it's pretty densely packed: a post-apocalyptic Western, and/or a Mad Maxian pilgrimage tale with a state-of-the-art, probably Magnavox, plot device (that happens to have working batteries).Well, a lot of analog devices, amps and whatnot, stuff that gearheads would salivate over now. Tom and the HBs, though, seem bemused, at least until Mike finds that guitar just in time for the solo. And the climax must be when Tom pushes over the Astro Invaders video game since, after all, it's 1982. But why doesn't he shoot it?

It doesn't matter. I just like to hear this song. The creepy synths, the kind of ponderous pace, the lonesome guitar chords...they sound like dark October weekday afternoons that seemed safe and cozy but when it felt like something better -- spring, sunshine, the wisdom of age-- might be around the corner.

p.s. Heard the lyrics for years, yes, but when reading them--yowch. Kind of a terrible dude there, Tom, dude.

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