Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Jump Back! What's That Sound?

Van Halen announced it is reforming (ha! pun!) for a new tour this fall, with original lead singer David Lee Roth back in the saddle. Or chaps. Assless, graffitti-painted chaps.

Anyway, the lineup is not quite that original, since bassist Michael Anthony--he of the Jack Daniels bass guitar--has gotten the heave-ho.

I don't care about the infighting. I don't care about the undeniable and veritable tidal wave of bad perms that will come out of hiding during this tour.

I just care that the reunion prompted me to find this video and re-watch it (even though I saw it no less than 1,433,709 times during the summer of 1984), and realize I had forgotten all about those canvas, flat-topped painter's caps with the protective neck panels. Damn.

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